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1, Mission: Blend Chinese spirits with western wisdom to create new value sources.
Interpretation: Blend the distillation of Chinese excellent culture with the advanced modern management ideas, techniques, methods and tools from western countries, not only creating business benefits for customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, partners and the society, but also constantly exploring and developing ethical values and standardizing commercial value direction and making it an infinite increase.


2, Vision: Absorb advantages from home and abroad to become a century-old strength enterprise.
Interpretation: We should not only have the present, but have a long-term healthy and stable future. Therefore, we must constantly learn all kinds of advanced theories, technologies and tools at home and abroad for our own use, and we must build and consolidate our own core competitiveness, to make Qingyi Photomask Limited become a century-old enterprise that stakeholders can rely on.


3, Core Values: Reciprocal Nourishment; Appropriateness; Opposing but also Complementing each other; New Value Resources Expansion;
Reciprocal Nourishment:
we must nurture and co-exist with each other both inside and outside the company with the mind and way of "harmony" to pursue common development and to accomplish ourselves in the course of benefiting the team and partners.
Appropriateness: we must behave and do things appropriately, neither more nor less.
Opposing but also complementing each other: find the same point in different views; make an agreement in the opposite sides; only by uniting the pros and cons can we be successful.
New Value Resources Expansion: fully identify, develop, integrate and optimize the use of internal and external various spiritual resources and material resources and make it continue to increase.


4, One Take cultures:
4.1, Basic ideas of One Take:
subjectivity is subordinated to objectivity
Direction: process is aligned to goal
Basis: Preventive measures for doing right
Level: Being moderate sees advantages and disadvantages
Measurement: measure and inspect the bias
Improvement: to improve is to surpass


4.2, Six Steps of One Take:
Clear Standards:
make the customer's standards clear and run through the standards in the whole process of work.
Identify Gaps: compare customer’s standards to identify gaps in all aspects related to work elements, including mindset, skills, processes, conditions, equipment, environment, etc.
Precautions: do everything possible to fill the gaps with respect to customer standards, make good preparation in all aspects, make full prevention measures for that accidents may occur, and prepare the corresponding disposal plans.
Put in place minds and behaviors: carry out the One Take ideas in the practical action; we should think, observe, act, and check so that the work method is kept pace with the goal.
Measurement Analysis: based on customer standards, make continuous evaluation and analysis for the work process and results, sum up the experience of doing right, find out the root causes of mistakes, and take the "Four Contrasts" methods to seek the relative PONC.
Continuous Improvement: stick to the right methods and keep improving; correct the mistakes to prevent recurrence; at the same time, continue to reduce the relative PONC and to challenge a higher goal.