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Memorabilia of Development
• May 2015, the Guangdong Photomask Technology Research and Development Center was passed the acceptance by the Guangdong Science and Technology Department.
• May 2015, the National Electronic Industry Standard "TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Photomask Specification" drafted alone by our company was approved to promulgate and enforce by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
• February 2015, our company was equipped with small and medium size LTPS photomask mass production capacity.
• July 2014, Qingyi Photomask was once again successfully identified as Shenzhen first batch of National High-tech Enterprises.
• April 2014, China's first 8.5G TFT-MASK was successfully produced in our company.
• September 2013, Qingyi Photomask was honored the certificate of “4.5G AM-OLED Photomask” New Key Product issued by the National Ministry of Science and Technology.
• December 2012, the Guangdong Photomask Technology Research and Development Center was set up in our company.
• February 2012, the domestic first piece of 800x960 mm touch screen photomask was successful off the assembly line.
• In 2012, honored the title of the fifth Shenzhen "Small and Medium Enterprises in Good Faith" and won "Shenzhen Famous Brand" in three consecutive sessions.
• May 2012, the "5th Generation TFT-LCD Photomask" was honored the National New Key Product certificate.
• July 2011, Microsoft AX project was introduced.
• March 2009, the “5G TFT-LCD Photomask” and LRM1100 laser repair machine were successfully passed by technical results identification.
• December 2008, Qingyi Photomask was successfully identified as first batch National High-tech Enterprises.
• In 2008, the 5th Generation TFT Photomask project was checked and accepted by the expert group in April, and successfully testified by all TFT customers who put into production in mainland China.
• October 2007, the Shenzhen Photomask Technology Research and Development Center was established in our company.
• August 2007, the first domestic TFT-LCD Photomask production line - the first phase of the company’s TFT-LCD Photomask project was completed and put into production.
• August 2007, the Qingyi Building, Mainland China's first TFT-LCD Photomask R&D and production base, was officially completed and put into use.
• October 2006, the first domestic TFT-CF large size photomask was successfully developed in the company.
• In 2005, ERP system was on-line.
• In 2005, began to import TQM (Total Quality Management), started to declare the Japanese Deming Prize, and went to a higher management level.
• In 2004, the company became the first unit in Guangdong province and even Southern China to obtain the China Quality Award.
• December 2002, the company and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established the Qingyi Engineering Technology R&D Center, focusing on the research and development of new products, and hired a senior advisory group of experts at home and abroad to provide technical support and decision support for the company.
• In middle 2002, the Performance Excellence Model of China Quality Award was introduced, which realized the leap from “Zero Defect” quality management to the zero defect of managing quality.
• May 2000, the company began to implement the Zero Defect management, creatively applying Zero Defect theory to the overall management of the company.
• August 1997, the company was established.