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QingYi Precision Maskmaking has been pursuing the Development Policy of Technology First. At the beginning of the company, there are no related technology and talents for large area photomask production in domestic areas. Our Technology R&D staff successfully researched and developed the domestic first large area and high precision chromium photomask within the second year of the company in the absence of any external technical assistance. After more than ten years of independent innovation and personnel training, we formed a completely independent core technology and talent team.

Our photomask technology research and development center was founded in 2002, and "Shenzhen Photomask Technology Research and Development Center" was set up in 2008, approved by Shenzhen Science and Technology and Information Bureau and based on our company.


At present, Qingyi Photomask Research and Development Center is leading to promote Chinese high precision and large area photomask manufacturing industry to catch up with the international first-class level by adopting the policy "Activate domestic brains, absorbing foreign talents", insisting on the road of combination of production, study and research, creating the source of new technology by uniting with other related domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions, and making continuous technology innovation.